for Ward 7 Councillor,

Meet Malar!

Malar is passionate about improving and building an inclusive community that cares for each other. She is a recognized advocate who works with children, youth and seniors in Markham. Malar has worked with Markham youths to stay on track and guided them to go to Universities and Colleges. She has created and hosted a TV show to address youth empowerment and awareness. She served as president of Cedarwood Public School parent council. Malar has worked with Markham seniors to create a program to lead a healthy life during winter. She used her artistic skills to bring community together and create awareness on key issues such as Global Warming, Tsunami, Sexual Abuse and Motherhood Empowerment to name a few.

Malar is a working mother of two children, who has excelled in balancing work, passion for giving back to community and family. At the age of 13 she started her volunteering. Her political activities started as an elected delegate in 2006. Now as a community worker, teacher, competitive athlete, artist and a successful businesswoman, she has brought in many achievements to her cap. Malar holds Master of Arts (MA). She has also successfully completed Business plan development and Business plan Implementations. She has served as a jury in Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.

She is a strong competitive leader who can negotiate, stand up and fight hard for YOU. She has all the knowledge, tools and experiences to Build an Inclusive Community that cares for each other and grow stronger TOGETHER. Malar is goal oriented and she is not afraid to express her opinions for the public.

Malar knows it takes a mature and responsible candidate to get the job done for Markham Ward 7. As a person who gives back to the community in many ways, she is looking forward to the opportunity to serve as a councillor and to fight hard for the key issues that matters to all of US. Elect a strong leader who LISTENS, CARES, and STANDS UP for YOU. She hopes to earn your support and start this journey TOGETHER.