for Ward 7 Councillor,

Malar's Passion for the Community

Malar Varatharaja met Honorable Mr. Micheal Chan, MPP while representing Ontario Arts Council & Markham-Thornhill.

DD Women Achiever Award presented to Malar Varatharaja (2015)

Malar created awareness on many forms of abuses for the youth.

Malar took her son to meet our Veterans at the new cenotaph in Markham. She wanted her son to understand the sacrifices of our Veterans.

Malar with Cedarwood Principal for the show “Santhipoma” Malar initiated, created and hosted a youth TV show to Empower and Awareness for the youth. The show was focused mainly on youth, their achievements, and issues for an educational and informative show.

Malar was one of the panelists to talk about the importance of arts, and the benefits of it.

Malar interviewing an upcoming athlete.

Malar had been playing netball for the past 23 years. She is an Ontario level cross-country runner, and soccer player. Her team player skills made her become captain for many teams.

Malar was one of the team member who organized the high school students' rally in Ottawa.
(Year 2000)

Malar was part of Ponguthamizh media team.
(Year 2004)

Malar was part of a team who helped orphan kids and widowed women in Puthukudiirrupu.

Malar initiated a seniors' research and development program in order for them to live a healthy and active life during the winter season.
(Year 2011)